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Rental Criteria

Everyone over the age of 18 MUST fill out an application.

Credit and background check will be run. Credit score must be 600 or above.


Accounts in collection will also be evaluated.

All information contained in the application will be verified including employment.

Applicants must have at least one verifiable reference preferably from a previous landlord.

Applicants must not have an unlawful detainer on their record.

Applicant must have a verifiable income that is 3 times the rent.

You are eligible to have a co-signer if: Your Credit score is greater than 550. The Co-signer’s credit score is greater than 700. The Co-signer must sign lease and a guarantee of rental agreement. Co-signer must fill out an application and pay application fee. All stated information on co-signer's application will be verified.

Applicant must be able to pay a security deposit of 1-month rent plus 1st month rent upon signing the rental agreement for mobile home or RV spaces. Rent may be pro rated if move in is after the 1st of the month. If there are 15 days or less for prorated rent, a full 2nd months rent will be added to the move in cost. If there is a co-signer, 2 months rent security deposit will be required.

Applicant must sign the rental agreement when taking possession of a space.
No applications will be accepted until there are pictures of the dwelling approved by management.

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